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 Phyliss Shanken

Psychologist, Author, Playwright, and Consultant


“Lalit Nigam conducts a thorough investigation of his subjects as he combines the singer’s own words, and supplemental stories found from outside sources.


He intertwines his knowledge within a comprehensive account through clear writing, which is presented in a reader-friendly manner, making his narrative feel as if Lalit is sitting across from you in your living room. He includes photos that he personally selected. He corroborates well-organized data tables, that shed light on individual “Padma Awards,” “Filmfare Awards,” “National Awards” and several more.


He goes further by offering an Authors Critique page, which emphasizes each singer’s abilities. As further summary, he includes The Artists Page as a living history, along with Trivia and the singer’s own viewpoint.


By the end of his historical account, Lalit leaves the reader educated and satisfied. You place the book on the shelf, confident that you will be picking up the book again and again. A fulfilling experience for historians and music lovers. Well-worth the read.”

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